Passionate About Inspiring Others

Dear Lady Glow-Getters,

I'm a firm believer in speaking your truth.  Why?  The answer is simple; you overcome by the word of your testimony.  There is nothing more liberating than breaking through chains of fear.  Those chains are meant to silence your voice and stifle your purpose.  The truth is, we're all here to help someone else.  Your gifts, talents, and experiences aren’t just for you.  That’s right!  Your voice matters, and your story should be heard.  For this reason, I am passionate about inspiring others.


Are you shining?  Have you allowed feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt to dim your light?  We're all at different stages on our journeys.  I would love to share my journey with you by speaking at your event.  I hope to inspire you, encourage you, and push you to the next level of your life.  It's time to shine fearlessly.  Lights On!



Yours truly,


Kim Douglas


Lights On Empowerment, LLC

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