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Kim Douglas is an innovative leader, women’s advocate, and champion for social justice. A woman of Caribbean parentage, Kim was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and is passionate about empowering women within urban communities. With over 15 years of professional experience, Kim honed her leadership skills through several positions held in the federal government, city government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Her background includes providing criminal justice advocacy for women and children touched by domestic violence, conducting internal oversight of organizational compliance affairs, conducting policy analyses at the executive level, civil litigation, project management, and much more. Kim completed her undergraduate studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. To merge her legal background with public policy, Kim continued her graduate studies at John Jay College and completed her MPA (Master of Public Administration) in 2012.


During her graduate studies, Kim discovered a newfound zeal to pursue a career in urban justice and community development. In 2014, during her tenure with the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, Kim became a New York City mentor through the Juvenile Mentoring Program. In 2016, Kim seized the opportunity to work as a campaign assistant for a candidate who participated in the New York State Senate elections. This experience solidified her calling to help build her community through mentorship. That same year, Kim hosted her first women’s conference. After receiving positive feedback and numerous requests for future conferences, Kim established Lights On Empowerment to drive her vision and expand to a larger audience. Lights On Empowerment focuses on teaching confidence development strategies through coaching and mentoring services. The program is designed to help women achieve sustainable success in their personal and professional lives. In Kim's spare time she enjoys singing, writing songs, dancing, playing her upright piano, listening to music, and playing her bass guitar.  


 To reach Kim, email

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