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together we glow!®


I help the everyday girl and the corporate woman overcome limiting beliefs by teaching confidence development strategies to create sustainable success in their personal and professional lives.  Lights On Empowerment offers a unique coaching and mentoring experience that will help you shift your mindset from self-doubt to unwavering confidence.  Stop thinking small and playing small.  It's time to shine!

I'm Kim

From Diffidence to confidence.


What I Do

I help you refocus your thoughts.

Confidence begins in the mind. If you can believe it, then you can see it. If you can see it, you can become it.  

I teach you how to leverage your gift(s) and strengths. You will begin to bloom with confidence as we unwrap the hidden treasures of your purpose. Your gift(s) must be shared with the world.    

I challenge you to shine with confidence.
No more imposter syndrome!
Your light must be seen, not dimmed. You've gotta OWN IT!

I provide accountability. I am your right-hand supporter. I will assist you with achieving your goals. Our relationship is really a partnership. 






As the everyday girl, I checked all the boxes in society's checklist for success.  I pursued a college education, achieved academic excellence, and secured a "good job" after completing my degrees.  

As the corporate woman, I was quite the contender.  I dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s.  While I seemed to be heading up the corporate ladder, I questioned my purpose.  I appeared to have the best of both worlds.  I was a highly ambitious, educated woman who was carving a path for success in her career.  The truth is, I felt undervalued, unfulfilled, and unhappy.  As a result, I dimmed my light and minimized my gifts.  There had to be more to life than using my talents to build someone else’s dream.  I knew that if I felt this way, other women shared the same sentiment.  I made a conscious decision to empower women by becoming the very things I needed in my personal and professional life—a mentor and coach. 


The world is waiting for what you have to offer.  We’re all on a journey of becoming the best versions of ourselves.  You're not alone.  Together we grow, together we glow!

I've been where you are.


"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."


Matthew 5:16 KJV


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